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[Shopee Coins] What is Shopee Coins?

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Shopee Coins is the official virtual currency on the Shopee platform. You can earn Shopee Coins from your purchases, participating in activities, and more on the Shopee app.

Every 1 Shopee Coin earned is equivalent to Php 1, and you can use them to offset your transaction amount when making a purchase within the Shopee app.


  1. There are limits on the amount of Coins you can earn and use
  2. Shopee Coins cannot be exchanged for cash.
  3. Shopee Coins cannot be transferred to your ShopeePay.
  4. Your Shopee Coins expire at the end of the third month from when it was earned. The month in which it was earned counts as the first month. Learn how to check the expiration of your Shopee Coins.  

Using Shopee Coins

You can use Shopee Coins for:

  1. Orders on Shopee
  2. Payments to ShopeePay merchants
  3. Purchase of Digital Products (such as e-vouchers)
  4. Purchase of ShopeePay Scan & Pay vouchers
  5. Exchange of Shopee Prizes game items
  6. Redemption of vouchers  

To use Coins on these transactions on Shopee, enable the Redeem Shopee Coins toggle before checking out. Here's an example of orders on Shopee:



If your order was canceled, your Shopee coins would automatically be refunded back to your Coins wallet within 24 hours. Know more about the refund of Shopee Coins if your order was canceled, returned, or refunded.

For the exchange of Shopee Prizes game items, follow the instructions in each game. Here is an example of exchanging 10 coins to get bubble tea for a Shopee Pet.  

No minimum amount of Coins is needed to accumulate before you can use them to offset the costs of your purchases.

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