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[SPayLater] What is SPayLater?

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SPayLater is a feature wherein qualified buyers have the option to buy now and pay later or apply for an installment loan of up to 12 months for their Shopee purchases.

SPayLater has a processing fee of  0-2% per transaction amount and monthly interest ranges from 1-5% for items. Pay your SPayLater bill on time to avoid additional charges.

Processing Fee

Interest Rate

Late Payment Fee

0-2% of the total amount 

1-5% per month on total order

The interest rate will be based on your personal credit profile 


This monthly rate is applied to the outstanding amount

Access SPayLater by going to the Me tab > SPayLater.



⚠️ Note

  1. SPayLater is only available to select Shopee users.
  2. SPayLater credit cannot be withdrawn. For withdrawable loan, learn more about SLoan.
  3. For further details about your bill computation, please contact Shopee to provide steps on where to check the breakdown of the bill.
  4. Interest rates may vary for items from different product categories.
  5. Users cannot avail of SPayLater services to buy products from the Voucher category, and the Jewelry and Gold category.


Before you choose to pay via SPayLater, understand the detailed terms and conditions to see if you're eligible and whether the payment plans suit you.

Learn how you can pay with SPayLater.

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