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[Shopee Coins] How will my Shopee Coins be refunded for an order that is canceled/returned/refunded?

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For canceled orders

Shopee Coins will be automatically refunded to your Coins wallet within 24 to 48 hours

You may check your Coins transaction history by selecting My Shopee Coins via the Me tab on Shopee App > Select the (>) icon beside your displayed amount of coins > View ALL HISTORY to verify your refund.


For return/refund orders Your Shopee Coins will only be refunded if your return/refund request has been approved for a full refund. You will not be eligible for Shopee Coins refund if your refund amount has been adjusted (i.e. you will be receiving a partial refund amount).


If your request was disputed by the seller, Shopee will investigate closely and come to a fair resolution for both parties. Where applicable, Shopee Coins will only be credited once the dispute case has been resolved.

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